Ford hires former Ebay CMO Suzy Deering as its new top marketer

Ford has named eBay’s former global head of marketing as its new CMO, placing an e-commerce veteran at the helm of the automaker’s marketing role.

The company announced today that Suzy will join Deering in January to modernize the company’s marketing and lead the company’s customer intelligence, product and consumer marketing strategies.

“Technology will be an important part of transforming Ford and how we add and unlock the tremendous value of our iconic brands,” Deering said in a statement. “My team will be involved end-to-end on behalf of customers – better connect with them, use data to predict and deliver what they need, and earn and keep their trust.”

Before joining eBay for five years, Deering – which announced her departure in September – served for several years as CEO of marketing agency Moxie and previously worked on media teams at brands such as The Home Depot and Verizon.

When it kicks off Jan. 4, Deering will replace Joy Falotico, who has played dual roles as both CMO of Ford and President of Lincoln Motor Company. Deering reports to the President of the Ford Americas and International Markets Group, Kumar Galhotra, who previously held the CMO role at Ford from 2017 to 2018.

Deering’s appointment to the Ford C-Suite is the third CEO Jim Farley has made since his acquisition last month. In a statement today, Ford cited Deering’s track record of “using technology, data and analytics to anticipate customer needs and deliver them with people-centric products and services.”

“We are putting more decisions in the hands of our people who are closest to the customers,” Galhotra said in a statement. “That makes marketing more important than ever. Suzy’s world-class background will be critical to our growth as we modernize our approach, improve our understanding of customer ambitions and redefine our brands.”

Deering is one of many notable CMOs to switch industries during the pandemic. In June, Fiona Carter left AT&T to become the first CMO of Goldman Sachs, and in August, Lilian Tomovich left MGM Resorts to become CMO of e-commerce company Grove. A few weeks ago, former US CMO Gretchen Saegh-Fleming from L’Oreal joined the home fitness startup Hydrow as CMO.

Recently, other car brands have also changed their marketing leadership: earlier this month, Audi named Tara Rush as the new Senior Vice President and CMO, and last year Hyundai named Angela Zepeda as the new CMO, while Cadillac named Melissa Grady as its top marketing role.

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