Interpublic’s PR & Marketing Group operates under the name Dxtra

NEW YORK – Interpublic’s Constituency Management Group, which also includes the holding’s PR agencies, has been renamed IPG Dxtra. This is intended to reflect a greater focus on the group’s 28 agencies that play as a team.

“It’s really about Dxtra developing our offering and really getting the core of this global collective working together,” said Andy Polansky, Chairman and CEO of the PR and Marketing group that includes Weber Shandwick, Golin, DeVries, Rogers & Cowan PMK and Current Belong globally. “Our strategy is to really provide this highly specialized group of companies with a powerful collaboration engine.”

According to Polansky, the repositioning of the group is also due to the increased demand from customers for interdisciplinary teams. Dxtra’s agencies, which include Octagon, FutureBrand, and Jack Morton in addition to PR firms, specialize in experience, sports and entertainment, branding, digital experience, social content, influencer marketing, and more.

“Customers are looking for seamless execution and a simplified way to manage integrated solutions,” he said, adding that the open architecture model under which IPG already operates does not allow this. The change is also an opportunity for the group to integrate priorities such as diversity and inclusion into their work, he said.

The Dxtra rebranding is the latest step in the evolution of IPG’s PR and marketing group since then Polansky was named chairman in 2019.

Since that time, Polansky has restructured leadership and streamlined operations, including the mergers of Rogers & Cowan and PMK · BNC and DeVries Global with Golin subsidiary Canvas Blue.

He also expanded his leadership team to include Chief Growth Officer Cathy Calhoun, Chief Healthcare Officer Laura Schoen, and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Margenett Moore-Roberts.

Rebranding occurs approximately five months after IPG agencies (as well as others across the company) run it redundancies in response to a business slowdown due to the Covid crisis. The group recorded a decline in sales in both Q3 and Q2 of this year after that eight consecutive quarters of growthmainly due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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How COVID-19 Made Digital the King of Health Marketing

How COVID-19 Made Digital the King of Health Marketing

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City reviews regional marketing efforts | Pandemic 2020

The organizers of the regional marketing campaign said Tuesday if the city wants to see results it has to think long-term.

The Marketing Committee unanimously voted to recommend that the Board of Aldermen allocate an additional $ 16,000 to the campaign to encourage people to move to the Rutland area. The organizers urge cities in Rutland County to contribute USD 1 per person to support the activities for the coming year. According to Lyle Jepson, Executive Director of the Rutland Region Chamber and Business Development, this will include filtering and tracking leads developed through the Real Rutland website.

“We have 5,000 email addresses that we need to do something with in a secure manner,” said Jepson. “We need to automate the process.”

Jepson said an automated process, funded with the money the campaign is looking for, will identify “hot” leads from the collection and allow the campaign to combine them with “catchers” selected to meet the needs of one individual families if they are considering moving to Rutland. Jepson said this includes pairing prospects with local families whose children are roughly the same age.

Jepson said the campaign raised $ 482,000 in four years. The city contributed $ 138,000, Jepson said, and $ 270,000 came from the local business community, with the remainder coming from remote cities.

Noting that he was certified as a Marketing Advisor, Alderman Sam Gorruso raised concerns about the campaign. The only marketing he saw was the “I Love Rutland” stickers.

“You were really stupid,” he said. “You were the worst waste of money I had ever seen.”

Others at the meeting pointed out that the stickers were not part of the campaign, and Gorruso apologized. Gorruso said the city needs a brand and he recently spoke to someone who thought the city was still overrun by Los Solidos, a street gang that made headlines in the 1990s.

“We still haven’t branded ourselves with it,” he said. “Real Rutland – it’s just another blah-blah-blah campaign in my opinion … we have to get a hook.”

As an example of successful branding, Gorruso pointed to “Smiling Steve” at the Rutland Pharmacy and suggested something that focused on popular local activities and kind of played off words that ended in “-ing”. He and Jepson exchanged contact information to discuss them further. Gorruso emphasized that he loved Rutland too and thought it was a special place.

Russ Marsan, co-owner of Carpenter & Costin and one of the campaign organizers, said 70 people came to the area as a direct result of the campaign, and some of them bought several buildings, repaired them and rented them out. He said two of his employees were brought here through the campaign.

“These people are very looking for a community to be part of,” he said. “They want to make a difference and for the most part raise families.”

Alder woman Sharon Davis asked if the campaign was marketing to businesses or focused on bringing families to Rutland.

“It all started with our companies saying, ‘We can’t find people,” Jepson said, adding that of course they would support people who want companies to bring with them.

Jepson said that in addition to the 70 people attracted to the campaign, the overall effort likely helped keep some families around, reiterating the point that the campaign was long term.

“We could see 70 people every year or two and, boy, would that make a world of difference later on,” he said.



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Fabricare launches extreme marketing campaign for new service | National

NORWALK, Conn., Oct.27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – When you want to disrupt an industry, develop a radical marketing campaign that will grab your target audience’s attention. Fabricare’s LaundryCare is a new service that tries to do just that.

Fashion has become more casual for many years. And with the recent pandemic that resulted in people working from home, that trend has accelerated and affected the dry cleaning business across the country.

What can dry cleaning do?

Reinvent the service of clothing care.

An established dry cleaner in Fairfield County for over 30 years, Fabricare Cleaners is dedicated to servicing customers’ clothing from a new perspective. As wardrobes merge work and work, Fabricare strives to streamline the maintenance of clothes with ONE bag and ONE low monthly cost, including free collection and delivery. No sorting, no decoding of labels, no worry about your dry cleaning or delicates. Customers throw everything in a bag and Fabricare sorts and cleans every item with their expert knowledge of all fabrics.

How do you bring this exciting new idea of ​​clothing care to market – a service that can save customers 100 hours each year that are normally spent on laundry?

Introduce Extreme Ironing – a sport that has been around for over 20 years.

Extreme Ironing combines the everyday task of clothing care with extreme sports. Hard to believe, but pictures Show individuals doing everything from diving to mountain climbing while doing laundry.

How can Fabricare’s new LaundryCare service be better communicated? “Yes You Can Do Both” is the subject line for Fabricare’s LaundryCare, which uses crazy images from the sport of extreme ironing to make it clear that trying to do laundry AND these activities – “EXTREME!”

Kristen Martinez, Marketing Director at Fabricare, found a fantastic photographer while searching for images for this nervous campaign: Jack Nichols not only takes fantastic photos, but is also an avid extreme iron participant himself! When he approached to use some of his recordings, he was curious to see how his passion would fit into the LAUNDRY of all places: “Extreme ironing is about enjoying your favorite activity or sport while you do your laundry,” says Nichols. “Not everyone wants to pull an ironing board up a via ferrata in the middle of the night. When Fabricare held out my hand, I found it fit well!”

If you want to go back 100 hours a year and leave your laundry to someone else while enjoying the better things in life, visit LaundryCare by Fabricare at

NEWS SOURCE: Fabricare Cleaners

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JMG Marketing & Business Strategy gives CEO Live 2020, November 13th | known community

GILFORD – Jodie Gallant, Owner, CEO and Business Strategist / Coach of JMG Marketing & Business Strategy, announced that they will be bringing back CEO Live for the second time on Friday November 13th. This time as a virtual live stream event. Early Bird and Buy One Get One 50% discount tickets are available now through November 1st. visit for details or to register.

CEO Live 2020 is a one day INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL event in the NH Lake Region for small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are working hard to take their lives and business to the next level.

JMG will work with Marc McNamara and his team at The Enablement Group to broadcast a high-end, interactive virtual event live from the historic and newly renovated Belknap Mill.

“As an innovator and lover of small, local service businesses, I founded CEO LIVE to invite business owners and executives in the fast lane to pursue their dreams and build their businesses to fuel the life they want,” said Jodie Gallant . “While COVID is keeping us from all being in the same room, I am thrilled to be working with The Enablement Group to take this virtual event to a whole new level. It will be so much fun! “

In addition to hearing from Jodie herself, attendees will also receive five guest speakers coming to the Mid-Atlantic from New England, a Vision Connection, a live interview with a local inspirational business owner, a live strategy Q&A session the moderators and selected access to a private Q&A with a speaker of their choice and even prices for participating in the conversation.

JMG proudly introduces the CEO Live 2020 speakers: Anna Cosic, career and leadership trainer; Myrna Plaisir Daramy, specialist in digital media optimization; Elizabeth Eskenazi, Certified Professional Cooperative Coach and Principal Advisor and Founder of Mind the Core; and Raya Al-Hashmi, brand photographer. The live interview, sponsored by She Built This, will feature Karen Bassett, co-owner of Wayfarer Coffee Roasters.

Jodie has worked in business branding, marketing, and community leadership for many years, and this experience has immersed herself in her passion for helping local business owners go from good to great. With this foundation, she is very excited to bring business owners and leaders into a new area of ​​expansion, mindset development, coaching, support, and strategy to build their business and find their way.

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OCT-2020 Hot Dog Equipments Market Supply (Production), Consumption, Export & Import by Region, 2020-2026 – To: Jerusalem

The most likely scenario is the global one Hot dog equipment market Sales of hot dog equipment in the millions in 2019 will be xx, with a modification xx between 2019 and 2020. Furthermore, according to the latest study, it is predicted that the Covid-19 will be reticent in key countries just like the u. s., Western Europe, East Asia. The global hot dog machine market size is forecast to grow by xx or more annually for the next 5 years.

Access a Free Sample Copy of Hot Dog Devices Market Report 2020:

For the forecast period 2020-2026, the growth of the Hot Dog Equipments market between segments provides correct calculations and forecasts for revenue by type and application related to volume and value. This analysis will help you grow your business by targeting qualified niche markets. Regional analysis is another extremely comprehensive part of the analysis and analysis of the global Hot Dog Devices Market included in the report. This section sheds light on the sales growth of various Hot Dog Equipment markets on a regional and country level. For the historical and forecast amount 2020 to 2026, it provides detailed and correct country-based volume analysis and regional market size analysis of the worldwide Hot Dog Equipment market.

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Global Hot Dog Equipments Market Insight, Forecast to 2026 research report provides a detailed observation of leading competitors with strategic analysis, trends and situations in the small and macro market, rating analysis and a holistic summary of the market stuff within the forecast amount.

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The key market players in this report are:

Grand Slam
APW Wyott

The Hot Dog Equipments Market is divided into product, application, and regional markets.

The product segment of the report provides product market information such as demand, supply, and market value of the product.

The application of the product in relation to the US dollar value is presented in numerical and graphical form for all major regional markets.
The Hot Dog Equipments Market report is segmented into Types by following categories;
5 roles
7 roles
11 roles

The Hot Dog Equipments Market report is segmented into Applications by following categories;

According to world hot dog equipments market research, supported type, applications. Hot dog equipment is expected to have the largest share of the market and is jointly forecast to have the best rate of growth. The report analyzes the worldwide marketing assisted by the Hot Dog Equipments market as an online and offline channel. Offline marketing arises because the main area is due to the increasing variety of retail stores worldwide. This division unit offers all kinds of products that meet customer needs. In addition, the purchasing area unit that purchases the product through retail channels simply selects the product that supports its selection.

The primary analysis includes telecommunications interviews with a few business consultants to accept an appointment to conduct telecommunications interviews, questionnaires on the causation of damage through email interactions, and in some cases face-to-face interactions for further in-depth and unbiased analysis of the Hot Dog Equipments market, for a period of in a few regions. The interviews department is typically managed as part of an ongoing study with Hot Dog Equipments trading advisors to gain key current market knowledge and to demonstrate the latest analysis of the study. Primary interviews provide data on mandatory factors such as hot dog equipment market developments, market size, competitive landscape, progress developments, outlook, etc. These factors make it easy to demonstrate the results of the secondary analysis on board and together our skilled teams’ understanding of the hot dog equipment market to improve.

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The secondary analysis includes sources that are very similar to press releases, fixed annual reports, and trade-related magazines. Quite different sources include trade journals, trade journals, government websites, and associations that have been screened for accurate information on business expansion opportunities in the Hot Dog Equipment Market.

It’s knowledgeable and an accurate report that specializes in Primary and Secondary Drivers, Hot Dog Devices Market Share, Leading Segments, and Geographical Analysis. Additionally, the Hot Dog Equipments Market report discusses key players, key collaborations, mergers and acquisitions on the Trending Innovation and Business Policy department side. The report contains basic, secondary and advanced data focusing on the worldwide Hot Dog Equipment Market insights, forecast to 2026, market position and trend, market size, share, growth, trend analysis, section and forecasts available from 2020–2026.

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11% CAGR | Complicated Report on Smart Phone Sensors Market 2020-2027 | Broadcom, Dyna Image, Epson Europe Electronics, Murata, Everlight – right: Jerusalem

The smartphone sensor market is projected to reach US $ 39.5 billion by 2027, representing an annual growth rate of 11% between 2019 and 2027.

A comprehensive report on Smart Phone Sensor Market has been published by Research N Reports to understand the complete makeup of the industries for Smart Phone Sensor Market. Effective qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques were used to carefully examine the data. The report analyzes variable factors that form the basis of a successful business, such as: B. Vendors, Sellers and Investors. It focuses on the size and scope of the global Smart Phone Sensor Market sectors to understand the existing structure of multiple industries. The challenges facing the industries and the approaches they have chosen to overcome these threats have been considered. This research report is helpful for both established companies and startups in the market. In addition, the report is ideally and characteristically provided with a clear presentation. The researchers of this report provide a detailed examination of the historical records, current statistics, and future predictions. Factors that contribute to success and act as obstacles were also discussed

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Profiling the main actors: Broadcom, Dyna Image, Murson, Everlight, Epson Europe Electronics.

Highlights of the report:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of all opportunities and risks on the world market.
  • Smartphone sensors Market the latest innovations and major events.
  • In-depth study of business strategies for growing the smartphone sensor market leaders.
  • Final Study of the Smart Phone Sensor Market growth graph for the coming years.
  • In-depth knowledge of the smartphone sensor market – specifically drivers, restrictions, and key micro-markets.
  • Favorable impression within the latest technological and market related trends in the smartphone sensor market.

In this study, the following years are used to estimate the size of the market for smartphone sensors:

History year: 2014-2019

Base year: 2019

Estimated year: 2020

Forecast year 2020 to 2027

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Table of Contents:

  • Global market overview of smartphone sensors
  • Economic impact on industry
  • Market competition from manufacturers
  • Production, sales (value) by region
  • Supply (production), consumption, export, import by region
  • Production, sales (value), price development by type
  • Market analysis by application
  • Analysis of manufacturing costs
  • Industry chain, sourcing strategy and downstream buyers
  • Marketing strategy analysis, distributors / dealers
  • Analysis of the market effect factors
  • Global smartphone sensors market forecast
  • appendix

Finally, this report provides market intelligence in the most comprehensive way possible. The reporting structure has been maintained to provide the maximum business value. It provides critical insights into market dynamics and enables strategic decisions to be made for both existing market participants and those who are ready to enter the market.

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Medicare Advantage Milestones: Perennial Consortium, UCare Bring Senior Living Plans to Market

The open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage (MA) plans is now underway. This year marks two milestones that demonstrate the ongoing integration between MA and senior life.

With the enrollment period beginning on October 15, a group of senior providers known as the Perennial Consortium began enrolling the first beneficiaries of Medicare Advantage plans they own in Colorado and Ohio.

While there is widespread agreement that Medicare Advantage could play an important role in shaping seniors’ lives in the years to come, and certain providers have already made moves into the MA, the Perennial Consortium has received special attention within the industry. Members of the Perennial Consortium are committed to ensuring that seniors who band together on their own plans rather than partnering with existing insurers can maximize the benefit of MA while gaining more influence on the health continuum.

“It’s been exciting; we have hundreds of people who have already expressed an interest,” Lynne Katzmann, CEO of Juniper Communities and a driving force behind the Perennial Consortium, told Senior Housing News.

In another development, two new Medicare Advantage plans are being introduced in the twin cities. These plans are only available to residents of 160 senior and long-term care communities operated by 22 providers in this metropolitan area.

These new UCare plans include a partnership with Genevive, a primary care and care coordinator that is a joint venture between Allina Health System and the senior citizens’ organization Presbyterian Homes & Services.

The UCare plans cement the Minneapolis / St. Paul area as a hotbed for Medicare Advantage in senior life. Presbyterian Homes and nine other providers are also involved in a separate Medicare Advantage program, the started in 2020, with Genevive and the health insurance company Medica.

Covid-19 creates an unusual environment for these new plans to be marketed and members to register. However, executives at the Perennial Consortium, UCare and Genevive believe the pandemic will make MA-coordinated care models even more attractive to consumers and more beneficial to senior citizens.

Multi-year progress

The multi-year consortium came together about two years ago, initially involving three senior executives: Juniper of Bloomfield, New Jersey; Christian Living Communities (CLC) based in Englewood, Colorado; and Ohio Living of Columbus, Ohio. The effort also includes AllyAlign, a managed services partner and risk management company. Since its inception, other groups of vendors have joined the consortium including McGregor, Graceworks, Jennings and Covenant Health.

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The ability to tailor MA plans to the resident population in senior housing and care is fundamental to the value proposition made by the Perennial Consortium. The idea is that with the right mix of benefits and proper management, plan owners can increase profitability while older adults thrive in the plans because more of their needs are met.

“Our job is to find out what people need, and because we put the plan together, we can design it to better meet the needs of our residents,” said Katzmann. “It supports our family if you will.”

While every employee’s plan must offer certain core benefits, plans differ in terms of their additional benefits, among other things. Defining the benefits for Perennial’s MA plans has been a complex undertaking, in part because the senior housing providers involved offer services across the continuum, including independent living, assisted living, skilled care and memory maintenance.

“Because they are on different levels of the continuum, they have different performance requirements,” said Katzmann, referring to the elderly.

The consortium is bringing four different plans to market, two in Ohio and two in Colorado. Some of the plans are classified as Institutional Special Needs Plans (ISNPs), others as Special Needs Chronic Care Plans (CSNPs). Older adults generally qualify for an ISNP if they need an institutional level of care, while they qualify for a CSNP if they have certain chronic conditions like diabetes or heart failure.

The benefits vary depending on the state and type of plan. Even within a given plan, benefits can vary among members. The Colorado CSNP plan provides a “cafeteria option” where participants can choose one or the other service based on their needs and goals.

The growing interest in Medicare Advantage from older providers is partly due to the new benefits plans have been able to offer thanks to legislative and policy changes. For example the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in 2018 allowed MA plans to cover the type of daily care in the homes of older adults. Other Guidelines have opened up further possibilities for designing services in such a way that they meet the needs of people with chronic diseases.

Major Medicare Advantage insurers like Humana have creatively used these new flexibilities to move the place of care to people’s homes, Katzmann said. However, the Perennial Consortium had to consider which of these new add-on benefits should be included in its plans, as many of the new options make more sense for seniors who are not in a community.

For example, some major insurers are now offering MA benefits that cover grocery delivery, transportation, and home improvement to aid local aging. However, residents of older shared apartments already participate in dining programs, have access to transportation, and live in environments that are tailored to their needs.

By limiting their plans to benefits they believe will be more appealing to seniors, the Perennial Consortium can lower cost sharing and premiums, Katzmann said. The monthly premiums range from $ 30 to $ 35 for both Ohio and Colorado Annual Deductible Plans of $ 445. Co-insurance and co-payment rates vary depending on the plan.

An important benefit of all plans is the coordination of care.

“We have a highly personalized plan where essentially your own concierge coordinates your benefits, acts as your coach, connecting you with vendors and making sure the whole process goes smoothly,” said Katzmann.

She stressed that this was not a complementary, but a fundamental benefit. This is “enormous” for providers like Juniper in that it creates an employee reimbursement stream for services that the company